Bishop of Lies

Bishop of Lies

I knew him for 18 years
But we had lost track of each other.
Yet while I was in a lengthy coma,
he checked up on me.

After awhile he and I reconnected
and the flames reignited.
We talked, texted daily.
But he then went homeless.

I still encouraged him,
Professed my love daily.
Even ordered a photo book of Bishop & I
Plus several pics of he and me alone for a frame to mail.

He claimed to move back to Dad’s
To end my worry and preserve my health.
My last text was sent on May 28, 2016,
at Eight, twelve, a.m.,

To which I never heard a word out of him…

Therefore, burn ┬áin Hell, black man…
Good ridance!
You are the final negro who will ever play me,



I Am A Warrior

I Am A Warrior

I am fierce.
I am a fighter.
I will never give up.
I will fight to my death.

Are you worthy?
Will you defeat me?
No, you will not
Cuz I will beat you down.

I will draw blood
With the fangs in my mouth
That will drip your blood
To the floor,

Smirking and gnashing my teeth.
I shall breathe you in,
Absorbing your scent and smell
Of fear. Behold you
Little weakling.

I have won.
Glory and exhaltation
Bestowed on me.
I consumed and defeated my prey,
Who is you, a poor little soul.

Goodnight, goodbye
Lost soul.
You have nothing, and
I have everything.
I’m the Party of Death!

Angel of Death

Angel of Death

You think you’re wise,
Yet you are an idiot.
I know what you are
And I have vowed to end your scrutiny.

You have used and abused
Lied and faked affection.
You’ve hidden behind a guise
Of false adoration.

Then the cover’s lifted
When you beg for unimaginable funding,
Despite the fact that I clearly stated
Any demands for money will end
In banned tyranny.

So the battle begins,
And I The Warrior appears.
You feign banishment of me,

Whom You claim to be the problem,
Ignoring that you are
The Problem Child.

Throwing rocks that deflect off
Of my armor.
I throw boulders and spew
Fire from my throat,
Singing your scalp with a red-hot flame.
You curl up in a fetal ball,

Crying like a baby.
I am tickled yet show no reaction.
Because I am the Warrior.
You are weak, I am strong.
It sucks to be You.

Lick yur wounds,
Cradle your belly.
Pamper yourself on a woolen blanket,
Because I have won,
You’ve lost.
Which is my slice of heaven on Earth.