I Am A Warrior

I Am A Warrior

I am fierce.
I am a fighter.
I will never give up.
I will fight to my death.

Are you worthy?
Will you defeat me?
No, you will not
Cuz I will beat you down.

I will draw blood
With the fangs in my mouth
That will drip your blood
To the floor,

Smirking and gnashing my teeth.
I shall breathe you in,
Absorbing your scent and smell
Of fear. Behold you
Little weakling.

I have won.
Glory and exhaltation
Bestowed on me.
I consumed and defeated my prey,
Who is you, a poor little soul.

Goodnight, goodbye
Lost soul.
You have nothing, and
I have everything.
I’m the Party of Death!


Angel of Death

Angel of Death

You think you’re wise,
Yet you are an idiot.
I know what you are
And I have vowed to end your scrutiny.

You have used and abused
Lied and faked affection.
You’ve hidden behind a guise
Of false adoration.

Then the cover’s lifted
When you beg for unimaginable funding,
Despite the fact that I clearly stated
Any demands for money will end
In banned tyranny.

So the battle begins,
And I The Warrior appears.
You feign banishment of me,

Whom You claim to be the problem,
Ignoring that you are
The Problem Child.

Throwing rocks that deflect off
Of my armor.
I throw boulders and spew
Fire from my throat,
Singing your scalp with a red-hot flame.
You curl up in a fetal ball,

Crying like a baby.
I am tickled yet show no reaction.
Because I am the Warrior.
You are weak, I am strong.
It sucks to be You.

Lick yur wounds,
Cradle your belly.
Pamper yourself on a woolen blanket,
Because I have won,
You’ve lost.
Which is my slice of heaven on Earth.